Since most students only study for a few years  SUMO is constantly changing. We are always looking for new members and bright minds to enrich our society!

Being a part of SUMO will earn you new friends, skills and 3 ECTS Points.

We are currently looking for people to fill the following positions:

You help out our President. The jobs consists of communication within SUMO, setting dates for meetings and keeping things fun.

Head of Design & Designers
You oversee the design aspects of our organisation. You delegate all design work such as flyers, advertisements, giveaways and over all look of our organisation. As a designer you are creating these products.

Cargo Bike Responsible 
You keep a Calendar with the Cargobike and check the Bike and it’s condition.

Head of Bar & Bar Team
You order Drinks, and plan the bar-team during events.

Head of  Web
You keep our website updated and have an administrative position on our Discord Server.

Insta Management
You keep our Instagram up to date and post stories and events that are happening.

Who is behind SUMO?
These positions are already filled:

President Yves Nossack
Finances Emanuel Strehler
Web Stefan Vögeli