The SUMO was founded 2014 and has been a crucial part for the Development of the University.

SUMO is the student organisation of the HSLU Design, Film and Art.

SUMO not only facilitates artistic-productive exchange between students, but also offers a platform and financial aid for taking up, addressing and implementing students' concerns in a targeted manner. Interdisciplinary exchange in particular plays an important role for us.

What do we do at SUMO?
We meet every 1 – 2 Months and discuss ideas, projects, the current concerns of students and decide on which projects to fund and how much we spend on them.

We organize parties and events to further strengthen interdisciplinairy exchange within our school.

Why should you join SUMO?
  • Get 3 ECTS points
  • Set up long-lasting and sustainably influential projects
  • Engage with other students
  • Improve student life
  • Get paid student jobs
  • Experience the collaboration in an association

If you are interested in bringing in your own concerns, exchanging ideas with other students and working together on projects of all kinds, SUMO is the right place for you! Contact us here.

SUMO is a place where you can acquire new skills and where we can also benefit from your skills and ideas. We welcome interested and motivated new members who want to make a difference together with us!